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.To exit, following the arrow street signs will soon lead to Level 11 after one-hundred (100) to two-hundred (200) miles, although this will only be the case when following the signs.
Walkways that lead to grass fields will lead to either Level 9.1 or Level 10.
Level 60 can be accessed by No-Clipping through the street floor in Level 9. Entering a house will have a chance to randomly transport you to Level 53.
Following the electric powerlines has a chance to bring you to Level 113.
An airport can be found while following the signs to Level 11.
Enter the airport to be transported to Level 36.No-Clipping will lead to the first few Negative Levels. Finding a playground and crawling through any kind of tube structure with white glowing interior windows will commonly teleport to Level 283's Tubes.