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Camp Host Seasonal - Bear Paw - Spring/Summer 2022

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Sequoia National Park, CA

Our Exciting Work Environment
BearPaw Camp offers a unique way to see Sequoia National Park in comfort and style. Set amidst 75 year old sequoias, BearPaw is a camp that provides a unique and never-before-seen change of scenery and adventure.


  • Report to duty on time, well-groomed and in proper uniform.
  • Prepare dining tent for meals, and then clean the dishes/ Help with the cooking.
  • Clean guest cabins and central bathrooms & showers/ Collect and chopp wood.
  • Be able to accompany guests on their tour.
  • Be welcoming, smiling, dynamic


  • Management degree
  • Youth work certificate
  • At least 3 years experience as a camping host


  • Cooking experience required
  • Cleaning experience required
  • Computer skills (word, excel)
  • Speak at least three languages (including English)

Hello, my name is Michael Johnson, I'm 40 years old and I'm a historian. I'm currently looking for an assistant to help me with my research in order to complete my thesis on the great pharaohs of Egypt. Indeed, I'm fascinated by history, art and civilization and I truly think that Egypt contains all the priceless and precious secrets that tell a lot about civilization at the time of the Pharaohs. I am currently in Cairo with my wife and my three children and I am looking for someone who can come here.
I need someone who has degrees in both history and literature and who has worked in a museum for at least 5 years.
If you think you're the perfect candidate, I would like you to be as passionate as I'm and adventurous. I would also need you to be patient, as the research can be long and tiring. Be prepared to read a lot. You will have to like reading and writing because I will ask you to proofread my work to look for any mistakes. You will have to know Audacity and Shortcut softwares to be able to work on the videos and dub the film sequences taken during the stay in Cairo. You must be fluent in 4 languages: English, Arabic, French and Italian (my wife is Italian), moreoever it would be great if you had the TOEIC certificate (Test of English for International Communication). You will have to be calm and above all love children, as you will be living with my family and me in our large mansion for 3 weeks. Finally it would be fun if you liked swimming and playing glof because my family and I literally love those activities so we'd love you to share these activities with us, plus, if you like spicy food, I know a few restaurants that might interest you.

Document B: Job offer as an assistant in Cairo, Egypt