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Native Americans Navajo Tribe

One of the largest tribes of American Indians

They lived in the southwest of the United States

They had their own life style

They lived in hogans

A hogan :

-A wood frame

-Walls made out of clay

Their diet :

They farmed...

After 1600s they farmed....

They hunted animals like...


They created dishes like :

mutton stew

Fried cornbread

Their clothes :

men :

women :

made of...
-yucca plants


-wool of sheep

The Navajo are kwown for their woven rugs and blankets :

Woven rug :

blanket :

The Navajo arts and crafts were divided between men and women :

Women wove blankets :


Made clay pots :

men made jewerly:

Navajo jewerly :

The Long Walk :

1864 : 9000 Navajo forced to march from Arizona to New Mexico, around 200 people died

Trace écrite :

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The Native American Navajo tribe is one of the largest tribes . They lived in the Southwest of the United States. They had their own lifestyle , for example they lived in hogans, they farmed sheep and goats. Furthermore, the way they dressed was unique to them : they wore clothes made of plants or deerskin and silver jewerly. Unfortunately in 1864, they experienced a significant event: around 9000 Navajo were forced to march from Arizona to New Mexico, around 200 people died. Today, we can buy their rugs and blankets.