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Hi guys, last week I went in India so I will post some

photos of my trip. To start I arrived at the airport of New Dehli wich is the India's captial. I was shocked by what I saw because New Dehli is a crammed city: about 21 millions people live there, it explain by the move of rural persons who went to cities . So some people live in scary conditions, they live in dirty slum whereas other people live in better conditions for example in houses . In india there are a hierarchiqual system (cast system) poor people lives in dirty condtions and are discriminated =untouchables
I will show you my trip and you give ideas if you too would like to visit this beautiful country that is India



To start my stay in India I went to Agra

- Taj Mahal is one of the most visited moments of india about ( is considered a jewel of Mughal architecture)As for 15 000 persons/day it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen
- After I visited the sos wildlife, there were many wild animals that I’m not used to seeing
- And finally I visited the imperial wax museum


I fellt very lucky to be here because I saw beautiful things in agra that I could not have visited in france



When I visited Udaipur I was impressed by what I saw as it is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. It's a colorful city

-In Udaipur I visited the Bagore Ki haveli Museum it's a wonderful place to in Udaipur
-Next I walked auround the lake "Pichola"wich is wonderful
- And finally I discovered the city Palace, it is a very large building, all in white and very impressive
I posted a picture of this


to finish my trip I visited Calcutta

wich is the 3rd agglomeration of india behind dehli and bombay ( aboout 14 millions habitants) It is a city known largely for its very high population density and pollution


- I visited the I visited the Victoria Memorial which is a gigantic white marble monument located in the heart of calcutta. It is dedicated to the queen Victoria
- I went to the New Market wich is in the heart of the city
- I went to the Science City wich is one of the largest science city in the world


Inida was my favorite country to discover because in one word it was so beautiful . I loved this trip and i'm happy to share you my experience

Bye , Tom

Soon for a new trip