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Cultural appropriation

by Eliott Engler


1. Culture is everywhere...

2. Cultural acceptation

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4. Disney and racism

5. Cultural appropriation

Culture is everywhere...

When you travel to a different country, you will always find that the people living there have a strong culture. Meanwhile, their culture may be different from yours.


Since humanity developped itself, geographical groups grew ways of life. Laws and morale came up, pushed by what people call the good thing.

But, depending where you are from, some morale actions somewhere will be disrespectful for you, and vice versa.

As we humans are all unique we shall respect ourselves. Cultures are like us: they are different and we need to understand that vision of life can be impacted, for the best. So we have to respect also the other's culture as it was our.

This is cultural acceptation.

Cultural acceptation

"Civilization is what we have, culture is what we are."


DisneY and racism


This extract come from the Disney's Dumbo. Many people counsider it like a racist insult. The crows represent caricatured black people.

Cultural appropriation


Due to their hairs, black people often dress their hair with dreadlocks. Recently, this style has been taken by young white people. This act is counsidered like disrespect of the african culture. When we take one aspect of a culture, we need to at least understand why it exists.


Disney made a movie about an islander girl who searches for the heart of the sea. The universe where her adventure take place is based on the maori culture, but some people can take it as it was a criticism.