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This man is Joseph McCarthy (1908-1957), is an American lawyer and politician. He became a senator after the Second World War with a head start against opponents.
On February 9, 1950, during the Presidency of Harry S. Truman, he gave a speech that made him known to all, on the "enemies within".

Joseph McCarthy

McCarthyism takes place in the United States

Whitch Hunt ?

McCarthyism ?

Red Scare ?

After Joseph McCarthy's speech, many accusations are made about "the enemies within", which he defines as members of the Communist Party and espionage. The more the years pass, the more the charges increase.
McCarthyism developed in the United States in the strong anti-communist sentiment in the context of the Cold War which opposes the United States to the USSR.
Several million Americans are subject to judicial and police investigations. The commission chaired by McCarthy tracked down possible agents, militants or communist.
According to President Truman, "it is then a question of identifying and removing subversive civil servants, supporters of ideologies or so-called "totalitarian" regimes such as fascism, communism and Nazism."

The McCarthyism movement is known as "Red Scare", here Red defines the communist party which represents the color of the communist flag. This name shows the purpose of instilling fear in the communist community in the United States.

McCarthyism is shown as a new witch hunt. With the aim of driving out Communists for the most part.

Hollywood Ten

The expression Hollywood Ten designates ten producers, screenwriters or film directors who were summoned in 1947 by the Commission on Un-American Activities. Who are therefore victims of McCarthyism. The most famous of them was Charlie Chaplin.

Samuel Ornitz was born on November 15,1890, in New York, and died on

March 10,1957 next to Los angeles in California. He is the son of a

family of Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe. He was an American screenwriter,

novelist and playwright. Screenwriter for Hollywood film studios in the thirtys and

fortyss, one of the victims of McCarthyism, and blacklisted by cinemas.

In 1928, he moved to California to work in the film industry and signed his first

screenplay the following year.

In 1931, he collaborated with other writers to write a report on the Harlan

County War, a violently suppressed miners' strike in Harlan County in Kentucky. This

news item inspired the writing of the short story A New Kentucky published in 1934.

He was put on the Hollywood Ten list and sentenced to prison.

A victim of McCarthyism, he was then de facto blacklisted for cinema and struggled to

pursue his career as a screenwriter, He died in the Woodland Hills next to the city of Los

Angeles in nineteen fifty seven at the age of sixty six.