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annexation of australia



rosevelt was elected president


hitler is electded chancelor


olympiqic in Berlin

In 1933, Hitler became Geman chancelor ,moreover the coming of Nazism increase all over in Europe .

The Jews Germany ,annexed Austria in 1938, Jews tried to flee to the USA, but usa didn't agree because, of immigration laws .

On november 8 1933 Roosevelt, became president the United States of America . In 1933 Roosevelt decided to separate from ‎European‎ affairs moreover in 1933.Roosevelt took steps for te improve the power of the contry.

In 1936 ,at the Olympics games in Berlin ,Jews were drawback .Jews didn't have the right to participate in the Olympics games and many articles were published regarding Nazis, the United Stades of America put in place vote for fight over the Nazism for knew if Jews .