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JFK Death






second Theories

fourth Theories


First Theories

Third theories



John Fitzgerald Kennedy


JFK was born on May 29, 1917 in Brookline and was assassinated in Dallas on November 22, 1963

  • The hand of the mafia

  • The work of the CIA and the FBI

  • The enigma of the man with the umbrella

  • The fault of Kennedy’s driver


The main theories

  • the driver him, accelerates

  • the president collapses on his wife’s lap

  • the First Lady shouts: "I have her brain in my hands"

  • then turns to her husband and says, "I love you, Jack"

  • then the president is declared dead.


  • In the back of the limousine, John Fitzgerald Kennedy greets the crowd

  • It’s 12:30 when a first shot sounds, coming from the building across the street

  • the president is holding his throat

  • a second shot sounds, and hits the president in the head

  • Robert Kennedy, appointed Minister of Justice by his own brother, goes to war against "the milieu"

  • For its part, the mob criticises the president for not having tried everything to bring down Fidel Castro

  • Before the Castro revolution, Cuba was indeed a nerve centre of mafia activities

  • When the communists came to power, she lost millions of dollars.

First Theories (MAFIA)

  • Joseph, John’s father and Robert, who was related to Sam Giancana, godfather of the Chicago mob

  • Sam Giancana later became a donor to JFK’s first presidential campaign in 1960.

  • But some time after JFK’s inauguration in 1961, the relationship between the two parties became more complicated.

Second Theories (CIA & FBI)

To understand the fantasies surrounding the possible role of the FBI and the CIA in the assassination of JFK, we have to go back to 1963, when the Cold War is in full swing. The anti-Castro CIA has already tried to assassinate the Cuban leader. But Kennedy is opposed. This disagreement could have served as a motive, according to proponents of this theory

CIA & FBI Theories

Third Theories (umbrella Man)

After the assassination, the Dallas police got their hands on the film of a certain Abraham Zapruder. He came to attend the parade and captured the event. His images reveal the presence of a man with an umbrella who opens and closes when the presidential car passes by (0'27' in the centre, in front of the door). The sun was shining in Dallas that day. That was all it took to feed the fantasies. For some, it is a signal sent to the shooter; for others, the umbrella is a weapon throwing darts.

The umbrella man

Fourth Theories (kennedy's driver)

kennedy's driver

Conspirationist William Cooper. According to him, the killer is none other than the driver of the car, William Greer. He notes that the car takes a long time to escape after the first shot. However, William Greer was a member of the secret service and therefore had to ensure the security of JFK.


the main suspect remains Lee harvey oswald is always recognized as the sole murderer of jfk until this day

JFK Death


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