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coach Carter

Dosda mateo
Seillez-Del-Campo Jade
Schuster Lucie

This film is about the true story of Ken Carter, an African-American basketball coach hired as a coach for a predominantly black and very poor high school. Once a coach, he will do everything so that his players are not only basketball players but also students, even adults.

Coach Carter

Coach Ken Carter - Kenyon Stone - Damien Carter - Timo Cruz - Junior Battle - Worm - Jason Lyle - Kyra - Maddux - Tonya - Dominique - Saint Francis's coach

Thomas Carte

California - United States - Richemont High School

Situation of African Americans in poor schools

: -EPSY award for best sports film in 2005
-TEEN CHOICE award for best dramatic film in 2005
-MTV moovie award for best female revelation in 2005
-Black moovie award for best performance by a leading actor in 2005
-Black movie award for best director in 2005

The film Coach Carter was nominated for the award 21 times

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How has sport changed the lives of movie characters?

the rage to win is the message of the film

They sign a contrat with their new coach

go back to school and change the statistics and enter university

Explain how, in this film, sport has had a positive impact on people or on a nation. What values ​​are conveyed?

The coach teaches his players self-respect

The sport and the coach in this film promote
a positive image of the nation of blacks

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