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1. the puritains

2. McCarthyism

3. Witches and Witch hunt

THE PURITANISM IN THE 17th country new england

1. the principles

2. the forbidens

3. the punishments


  • Puritanism is a religious current that belongs to Calvinism. Its supporters desired to "purify" and "reform" the Church of England from Catholicism from 1559 and in New England from 1630.

the principles, moral values


- denial of physical and social pleasures

- puritans had to dress in plain dark colours

-forest is the home of the devil, more particulary at night( places of witches)

- strict moral code

- marriage is highly recommended

- puritans used to believe in predestination

- puritans found spiritual meaning in some basic events/actions

  • “Puritan” is an austere, rigid person, hostile to all pleasures: "purity" to which we willingly associate a tint of ostentation, even hypocrisy, no particular religious affiliation. Yet in history, Puritanism is specifically a form of Protestantism, born in England in the sixteenth century and exported toNorth America in the 17th century, whose golden age was in the time of Cromwell to survive, afterthe restoration of Charles II, in the form of multiple sects or "chapels", more or less alive to this day

the forbidens


- no fashionable accessories

- no holiday celebrations

- no card playing

- adultery is banned/forbidden

- no colorful clothes

- no dancing

the punishment

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- people were shamed and humiliated

- people were punished publicly sometimes to death

- people were rejected


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Set in puritan Massachausetts bay colony during the years 1642 to 1949, the novel tells the story of Hester Prynne, who conceives a daughter through an affair and then struggles to create a new life of repentance and dignity.

What is McChrathyism ?


  • Imagine that one day, you’re summoned before a government panel even though you haven’t committed any crime, or been formally charged with one, you are repeatedly questioned about your political views, accused of disloyalty, and asked to incriminate your friends and your associates. If you don’t cooperate, you risk jail or losing your job. This is what happened in the United States in the 1950’s as part of a campaign to expose suspected communists. Named after its most notorious practitioner, the phenomenon known as McCarthyism destroyed thousands of lives and careers.

the McCarthyism

  • For over a decade, American political leaders trampled democratic freedoms in the name of protecting them. During the 1930’s and the 1940’s there had been an active but small communist party in the United States. Its record was mixed, while it played crucial roles in wider progressive struggles for labor and civil rights, it also supported the Soviet Union.
  • From the start, the American communist party faces attacks from conservatives and business leaders, as well from liberals who criticized its ties to the oppressive soviet regime. During World War 2, when the USA and Ussr were allied against Hitler, some American communists actually spied for the Russians. When the cold war escalated and this espionage became known, domestic communism came to be seen as a threat to national security. But the attempt to eliminate that threat soon turned into the longest lasting and most widespread episode of political repression in American history.

  • Spurred on by a network of bureaucrats, politicians, journalists, and businessmen, the campaign wildly exaggerated the danger of communist subversion. The people behind it harassed anyone suspected of holding left-or-center political views or associating with those who did. If you hung modern art on your walls, had a multiracial social circle, or signed petitions against nuclear weapons, you might just have been a communist.

Starting in the late 1940’s, FBI director Edgar Hoover used the resources of his agency to hunt down supposed communists and eliminate them from any position of influence within American society. And the narrow criteria that Hoover and his allies used to screen federal employees spread to the rest of the country. Soon Hollywood studios, universities, car manufacturers, and thousands of other publics and private employers were imposing the same political testes on the men and women who worked for them. Meanwhile, Congress conducted its own witch hunt subpoenaing hundreds of people to testify before investigative bodies like the house un-American activities committee. If they refused to cooperate, they could be jailed for contempt, or more commonly, fired and blacklisted.

J.Edgar Hoover

" the hollywood ten "

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  • Ambitious politicians like joseph McCarthy used such hearings as a partisan weapon accusing democrats of being soft on communism and deliberately losing China to the communist bloc. McCarthyism ended when he died. It had ruined hundreds if not thousands of lives and drastically narrowed the American political spectrum. its damage to democratic institutions would be long lasting. In all likelihood, there were both democrats and republicans who knew that the anti-communist purges were deeply unjust but feared that directly opposing them would hurt their careers. Even the supreme court failed to stop the with hunt, condoning serious violations of constitutional rights in the name of national security.


He was a republican senator from Wisconsin who became notorious by flaunting ever changing lists of alleged communists within the state department. Egged on by other politicians, he continued to make outrageous accusations while distorting or fabricating evidence. Many citizens reviled McCarthy while others praised him. And when the Korean war broke out, McCarty seemed vindicated. Once he became chair of the senate’s permanent subcommittee on investigations in 1953, McCarthy recklessness increased. It was his investigations of the army that finally turned public opinion against him and diminished his power. McCarthy’s colleagues in the Senate censured him and he died less than three years later, probably from alcoholism.

  • The blacklist of holywood represent the day after ten writers and directors were cited for contempt of Congress for refusing to testify before the house un American activities committee.
  • When people were considered of being part of the communists during this time, they were fired of their jobs and some of them got put in jail. All of this start after the second word war, USA and URSS were allies between the 40’ and the 50’.
  • The leaders in this case were the communists, the republicans and the democrats, the persons in charge of the United States of America. The phenomenon was called the McCarthyism. It took place in North America.
  • The president of America Hoover wanted to find all the communists. It had a lot of victims, because actually everybody could of be involved in this case, but a particular group of person were accused such as the entertainment people.
  • The persons who were working with Hollywood etc. They’re called the Hollywood ten. They were accused of being part of the communist and if they were not cooperating, they were put in jail immediately. The consequences were the incarceration of thousand of people and the fear of the communist. This also had an impact in the society, anybody couldn’t trust between each other, some of them were selling information for money. It violated the civils right so they stopped It.

Herbert J. Biberman

  • Herbert J. Biberman was an American screenwriter, director and producer, born March 4, 1900 in Philadelphia and died June 30, 1971 in New York. Son of Joseph and Eva Biberman, Jewish immigrants from Russia, Herbert Biberman was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is the brother of the American artist Edward Biberman. He began his career as a screenwriter for series. In 1947 questioned by the House Un-American Activities Committee, he refused to answer questions about his membership in the American Communist Party. He is convicted and spends six months in prison. Suffering the wrath of McCarthyism by being placed on the cinema blacklist2, his best-known film The Salt of the Earth in 1954 was boycotted in the United States but met with great success in Europe.


  • A witch is a woman who practices witchcraft with magic powersand spells.
  • The witch has a hooked nose, a pointed chin, flat forehead and cheeks.
  • She also has lots of gaps in her teeth and big black eyes. She has long, black hair. She has big hands with long fingers and long arms. His legs are long too and she wears a black dress
  • she flies on a broom often accompanied by a raven. she also has magic possions.

what is a witch?

"crucible accused"


we have known witches since childhood and were part of the many stories we were told when we were younger. Many old movies and stories talk about witches like the movie the crucible accused.