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Natural substance of medicinne


  • Where does the substance come from ?
  • Who discovered it ?
  • What is it used for ?
  • How is it used ?


-Vinblastine is a toxin extracted from Madagascar periwinkle.

- It is formed by the plant by combining catharanthine and vindoline.

-It is usually used in combination with other medications

Action mechanism

-It works by slowing or stopping the growth of cells.

How and who discoverd it ?

Clark Noble

In 1952 in Jamaique Clark Noble, a doctor received from a patient leaves from an appriesso from Madagascar

Clark Noble gave it to his brother Robert Noble. This one noted a significant activity on the bone marrow and on the number of white blood cells

it was in 1954 with the chemist Charles T.Beer that Robert noble discovered a powerful alkaloid in its leaves: vinblastine

Robert Noble

Vinblastine is a type of chemotherapy.

It allows the treatment of several cancers such as lung. Indeed it will stop the development of cells carrying the mutation


Side effect

Bone or joint pain

Abdominal pain

Jaw pain

Difficulty walking

Numbness or tingling in the hands or feet

Muscle pain or weakness