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the great gatsby

The atmosphere of the speakeasy

The atmosphere of the speakeasy is festive and noisy. There are a lot of people drinking alcohol, dancing, singing, smoking. Some people seem drunk. There are also people fighting. On a stage at the back of the room, women in light clothes are dancing. It is a place where people party and let themselves go.

The place of women

During prohibition, the place of women was reduced to a visual attraction. Here you can see women dancing in sexy clothes for the pleasure of the eyes. Sometimes the women were bartenders. However, this marked the entry of women into the labor market, as they were happily hired by the patrons of the speakeasys.

The first shop they entered

The first store they entered was a barber shop. These are stores that do their business and hide a speakeasy in the back. The owners of the store and the speakeasy made an agreement that one would hide the other. Since the sale and consumption of alcohol was illegal, speakeasies were hidden from the public, usually by a store or in soundproof and discreet places like cellars.

The effects of prohibition.

Prohibition led to the creation of a mafia. Many bootleggers became successful by selling alcohol illegally and setting up speakeasys. Prohibition therefore led to an increase in crime. Finally, after the crisis, the American state decided to repeal the prohibition law, put taxes and overcome the crisis.

The relationship between the 3 main characters

The relationship between the man in the white hat and Gatsby is friendly. In contrast, the relationship between Nick and the man in the white hat seems colder and Nick seems uncomfortable. And the relationship between Nick and Gatsby seems very friendly.