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Russian-Ukrainian conflict

The origins

Time line






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My opinion


“War is the massacre of people who don't know each other, for the benefit of people who know each other and don't massacre each other.

Paul Valéry


4 febuary 2022

Russian soldiers at the border

22 febuary 2022

Putin recognizes the donbass

In the night of 24 at 25 febuary

The first russian attack

04 march 2022

Capture of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant

The origines

  • Possible entry into NATO (OTAN)
  • The refusal of the security treaty
  • Putin didn't would that Ukraine entry in the NATO

The beginning

  • The Russia put military around of the Ukrain's border (100 000)
  • Putin "monitors" the Ukraine
  • Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron call Putin to avoid a conflict.
  • NATO threatens the Russia to impose economic sanctions

The first attack

  • In the night of 23 at 24 febuary
  • In Kiev, Tchouhouïv and Kharkiv


  • Economic restriction
  • Withdraw from sports competitions
  • Some websites blocked (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Some videos games are blocked (cs go, clash royal)

Contrys and organizations involed

  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • NATO ( France, USA, Germany, England ect...)
  • Anonymous

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