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Mc Carthyism

When ?

Historical Fact:

What is McCarthysm ?

Why ?

Joseph McCarthy (1908-1957)

The McCarthysm appeared during the cold war, name given to the period of strong geopolitical tensions between USA and URSS.

The context of the war creates fear, this leads to assumptions and accusations made against people considered communists (helping the enemies) because of their political opinion or their way to think.

The Mc Carthysm and the witchcraft

McCarthysm could be considered as a Witch hunt. Both are a way to represse people considerated as enemie of the society. The witch hunt refer to the witch hunt of Salem, woman in 17th century are accused of witchcraft but in fact they were juged by their difference to others and the fact t. In McCarthysm people are accused to be communist and considered as enemie of society.

The Hollywood Ten :

-Who are they ?

- The Hollywood Blacklist ?

Dalton Trumbo

A person in the Hollywood Ten

- Consequences for the victims

People accused to be in collaboration with USSR can't have a job with important responsabilities or a job in the public sector, in this case being actor, but not only musicians and senarsists also loose their job.

This list was founded in november 1947 after an announcement of the "Picture Motion Association of America."

Persecutors are numerous and they have enought power in politic to made restrictions.

The Hollywood Blacklist was a liqt of people in the cinema field who were refused by hollywoods studios.

(1905-1976) He is a writer director end scriptwriter in the field of cinema.

He is part of the Hollywood Ten, a group of artits who decided to not testify and confess in the House Un-American Committee, a committee against rebel activites of people who don't have the right to have a specific proffession in the context of communism.

How it's end?

-Victims of McCarthysm

-The end of Joseph McCarthy

- 2 dead people ( Ethel and Julius Rosenberg)

- 4 million civil servants were surveilled

- thousands have lost their profession

mccarthy began accusing people in the military, including a dentist. he ends up losing credibility and loses some of his support. in 1954 a commission is organized in the senate and leads to a blame, he is no longer a senator and no longer in the investigation group. After that he ead because of alcohol.

A new McCarthysm in USA :

The Woke

"Woke" find a significant position in USA, it is a desire for social change in favour of minorities. This word is also used by many political movement like "Black lives matters", In french this is called the "wokisme".

Wokisme could be a graet idea but interpreted by the most extrem he become a modern witch hunt or McCarthysm, in the case that sometimes people when they don't think as the members of the wokisme, people can loose their jobs. Especially a teacher can loose his job with the pressure by a group of "wokisme" and this reveal an issue. Moreover in USA "Black lives matters" have already remove historical statues because of the people in, considered as a model of colonialism or racism.