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Welcome To los angeles

Los Angeles

Los Angeles has been created in september 1781

Los Angeles has 3.8 millions inhabitants

The superficy of Los Angeles is 1302,15 km2

The principales Los Angeles Districts

  • San Fernando Valley
  • Westside
  • Hollywood
  • Wilshire
  • South Central
  • NothWest
  • Downtown
  • EastSide
  • Harbor

This is the building that houses the Los Angeles City Hall

Hollywood has became the biggest cinématographic production center of the United States

This is the building that houes the most famous newspaper of Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Times

The Los Angeles City Hall

The Hollywood Sign

The Los Angeles Times Building

The Video Game company Rockstar placed the ction of two of their biggest games inside Los Angeles

Since 1995, the Los Angeles Convention Center is welcoming, one of the biggest video games event

Music is also very present in Los Angeles, the city has created a lot of artists as Matalica, Red Hot Chli Peppers or LMFAO

Rockstar's Games

The Elctronic Entairtainment Expo

The Power of Music

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