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by Inès Hidalgo

Women and the world

Women have always been underestimated by men, whether on their intellectual or physical capacity. For example when in the google search bar you type "the richest people in the world in 2021" the first link you find talks about the richest men.

Or when you research the richest people in the wolrd out of the top 20 people only two of them are women.

Women, for as long as people can remenber, have been excluded from politics. It started with Ancient Grece where women could not participate in deciding the laws that governed their society. The right to vote for women in France was given to them only 70 years ago compared to 103 years for the United States and 105 years for Russia.

Even today, women are still trying as best they can to find a find a place for themselves in this field. The share of women sitting in the National Assembly since the 2017 elections is only 38.7%. While France has more than 65 million inhabitant, more than half of whom are women, approximately 35 million women and 33 million men.

As Olympe de Gouges said (1748-1793)"The woman has the right to climb the scaffol, she must also have the right to go up to the Tribune "

At work there are also inequalities, two which are extremely important. First of all, the 17% salary gap between a man and a woman holding the same position. According to certain site such as Wikipedia, this gap is due to factors such as the part-time work of women, which is four times greater than that of men. As in all companies there are a hierarchy between employees, ranging from the simple subordinate to the CEO.

Data of men and women in the labor market

But then there is an old American phrase from the late 70's "the glass ceiling". This expression refers to the "invisible obstavle" to the promotion women in hierarchical structure. It constitutes an obstacle in the development of their career within the company and limits their access to position of responsability. We see that women are less often promoted than their male colleagues, in all social categories. On the other hand, they are seriously penalized before their 35th birthday, that is to say during the period when they are likely to have childrens.

In addiction, in the fields of politics and work, women still have to suffer from sexism at home and even outside it. It has long been considered that women should take care of the home and give up their work. For example in Spain in the 1930 it was even frowned upon for a married woman to have a job. Women had their total independence from their husbands on July 13, 1965. It was on this date that women were able to have a bank account in their name and therefore be independent.

Even today we can see signs Europe's sexist part. This sign everywhere in the streets of Berlin indicating a school and for that they represented a woman bringing her child to school. Or this panel showing very clearly the cliché of the housewife wearing a dress and a high bun taking care of her baby.

As Coco Chanel said " Don't clear the table unless the men get up to do it too"

Even today women suffer from discrimination in France, a country advocating values such as freedom and equality. Feminism is not a fight led only by women to overthrow the patriarchy but also by men who realized these injustices and that fact gradually advanced this cause which shouldn't even have needed to exist.

Thanks for your attention