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Our eco-responsible ranch

The climate is changing, why not us?

A little hungry after a bike ride?

Do you like to cook ?

Through a blind tasting, you will learn to recognise the fruits and vegetables of our land, simple products that are easy to grow. And after this tasting, we will teach you how to make simple, easy but elegant recipes. You will be able to prepare small masterpieces with products that do not come from the other side of the world and that respect the environment.

You can join us every day at 11AM and 7PM

Horses !

They are one of the main reasons for choosing this place for your holidays. You can enjoy differents activities with them. You will find here the planifications of the activities.

Our horses are rescues, their past is heavy. Our objective is to give them back their confidence in Man. This is why we offer ethological riding lessons. You will learn gently with the horses, and you will evolve together and in respect of each other. For horses that regained confidence in us, we offer rides in the splendid landscapes that the forest offers.

MorningEthological riding lessons
Horse riding in the Broceliand foret
Ethological riding lessons
Horse riding in the Broceliand foretEthological riding lessonsHorse riding in the Broceliand foret

BEES... Cornerstone of biodiversity.

We offer you to participate to an honey harvest and show you the importance of these pollinators. We hope that this awareness will follow you back home.

We know that bees are an increasingly threatened species, but they have an indispensable role in our ecosystem. Therefore, their good health is essential. Bees contribute to the pollination of plants, which has a positive impact on the environment. That is why we want to protect them by offering them a safe place to evolve, a place where they can pollinate and collect nectar without chemical disturbance. We also collect some honey, in reasonable quantities, of course.

This activity is open juste once a week on Monday at 5PM

Educational farm

Through this educational farm, we want to raise awareness of animal welfare. What could be cuter than a little kid running around the park?

Your children will be the happiest when they can come and brush the donkeys, feed the kids or even milk our cows. In this farm, you will learn how to interact with the animals and to respect them.

The educational farm is open every morning from 9AM

Build insects houses or nesting box !

By participating at these activities you will build insects hotels and nesting boxes which will be placed in the Broceliande forest. These shelters are quality refuges for the endemic spieces of the forest.

Building insect hotels provides them with a place to spend the winter and a place to lay their eggs. These animals help us fight pests, so it is important to protect them. We should therefore try to attract them, as they provide us with valuable help. The main useful species are: spiders, ladybirds, etc.

It is also important to create safe places for birds. That is why we suggest you learn how to create your own insect hotels and birdhouses.

MorningBird houseInsect houseBird houseInsect houseBird house
Bird house
AfternoonInsect houseBird houseInsect houseBird houseInsect house
Insect house

Do you want to discover all the secrets of biodiversity ?

come and discover our escape game. Once the game has started, the only way out is to become an expert on the biodiversity of the region.

What could be better than getting together with family or friends to solve riddles ? Locked in a room, participants will have to solve riddles about biodiversity for an hour to try to escape.

will you take up the challenge ?

Two sessions are open on Tuesday and Thursday at 4PM and 5PM

Who said that biodiversity was old school ?!

Here is an activity that kids of all ages could get excited about. With this device, travel the world to understand how an ecosystem works, the different functions of species and the threats they face.
Virtual reality allows you to immerse yourself in a world close to home. These situations allow you to immerse yourself in an experience close to nature while having fun

This activity is open from 4PM every day.

Do you want to take a breath of fresh air and sweat a little ?

To start the day in a good mood, come and join us on Tuesday and Friday mornings at 7AM.
We will discover the forest and the species that inhabit it at sunrise.

This ecological ride allows us to rediscover the landscapes that surround us. We take advantage of the paths that are offered to us while respecting the recommendations to respect biodiversity and not to destroy the paths. Cycling is a funny transport that allows you to reduce your ecological footprint.

30 vocabulary words on biodiversity :










Ecological niche


National park

Functional role










Living world








Presentation video of the location of our project: the forest of Brocéliande
Click on the picture
and turn on the sound (it is our audio)

(Video from the creator Erwan Ambert on youtube)

Need to recharge your batteries?

Relaxing and fishing.

This outdoor activity gives you the opportunity to learn to fish. Fishing is a good way to become aware of the nature that surrounds us. This little expedition on the ranch lake will allow you to learn about the aquatic biodiversity of the region. For those who like to eat, it is possible to keep one of your fish to learn how to cook it with our chefs. What a pleasure to know what you really eat !

Fishing is open on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday morning at 8AM


Telling the story of Brittany through an eco-museum may seem surprising, but... This museum traces the evolution of Brittany's biodiversity. It highlights the key species of our fauna and flora and explains how Brittany is a place rich in biodiversity. Through paintings, scenes, projections and models you will learn more about the world around you.

Some photos of the place of our project

What kind of tourists are targeted by your project?

Our project is offered open to all: children and the elderly are welcome. Our activities take into account everyone's abilities. The only need is the desire to discover nature more closely and to recharge your batteries in peace. Many activities are adapted for the little ones in order to allow them to be in control of their action, to participate and to develop while learning.

Why it is important to protect that area? / To visit this place?

The forest is a very touristic place victim of the success of these Arthurian legends and the monuments which accompany it. By presenting an eco-responsible site, we allow the public to refocus on what nature offers us, in its simplicity. This makes it possible to counter the overpopulation of the commune of Paipont and thus to protect landscapes that are still little exploited. Our project will allow many people to rediscover nature and learn to protect it through activities that do not damage nature or even what it offers us.

How will your project be useful to protect biodiversity?

The activities will show how it is possible to preserve the nature that surrounds us, what actions can be taken to save our planet, know how to recognize certain plant and animal species and take into account that some are disappearing. Our project helps to raise awareness and show that the development of human activities is compatible with the protection of nature if we take into account certain specific aspects. Our ecotourism ranch is made up of animals with a heavy past that are then reworked to restore the lost confidence in humans. The protection of biodiversity is a planetary subject, which affects everyone, that's why we would like to start with the nature close to us.