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The glass ceiling for women

The term originated in America in the 1970s when feminist sociologists first pronounced it. Used several times thereafter, it was mainly highlighted during Hillary Clinton’s speech after her defeat in the presidential elections and which attributed it to the famous glass ceiling. .

In fact, it is a kind of invisible barrier that forces women not to consider certain important responsibilities or key positions. The notion of importance must be adjusted according to the situation of each woman.Advisor:

The cause of women is still a matter of actuality. We can find many inequalities in the world. Feminism is an important ideoligy that should not even exist since there must be equality between men and women EVERYWHERE. That is why things have to change and we have to take action..



3- learn to say no to men and to claim before them

4- Act every day

1- want equality between men and women

2-and to participate in the emancipation of women in today’s societies on the political, social, economic and legal, cultural levels.

Sexism means treating men and women differently. This can happen to everyone, but most of the time the woman is treated negatively.

Examples of sexism
-No promotion because you’re a woman
-Men cut you off at meetings
-Your boss calls you by names like “darling” or “my heart”

Sexual harassment is any attention, language or physical contact that you do not like. Sexual harassment by someone is never acceptable. Women are most often victims of sexual harassment by men. Sexual harassment is illegal.
Examples of sexual harassment
-Comments about your appearance that make you uncomfortable
-Touching that you don’t like, including cuddling
-Sharing photos and videos of people having sex

Laws have been put in place to protect women from discrimination in the workplace. However, this does not mean that women have total equality with men. There are far fewer women entrepreneurs than men. Women generally earn less money than men. This is true even when they have the same job. Sometimes women do not get the promotions they deserve. In general, women are often paid 20% less than men.

the sphere of work


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Women play a major role in political life because they are the ones who can act in the face of governments. They are the ones who demand and propose laws to achieve equality. However, there are many more male politicians than women. No woman has ever been president in the United States , Hillary Clinton has suffered this. Many people have not voted for her because she is a woman. Political life is difficult for women because they are also discriminated against. When they speak, their opinions are much less listened to and some mock their ideas and question their political status just in relation to their sex.

Many icons also participate in awakening the government and society on the inequality between men and women like the speech of Rihanna or Emma Watson... Politicians do the same and show that women are equal to men.

the political sphere


On average, women spend three and a half hours a day on domestic work, compared to two hours for men. A gap that struggles to narrow.By schematizing, women take care, on a daily basis, of the least valued tasks and men of what is visible and hard. Equality in the domestic sphere is far from being achieved as it progresses in the professional world. Inequalities in the sharing of tasks within the home have repercussions in many other areas for women: they hinder them in professional life as well as in political or associative engagement. The unequal distribution of domestic tasks explains part of the rise of female part time work, but also their low representation in politics or in the governing bodies of associations. Men have remained in the old days, that is to say that women have to cook, household stains, be housewives . So in some cases men don’t help their wives but that has to change .

the domestic sphere

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