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Wanted !

-an hotels tester-

you like to travel ? discover new environments ? you have a sense of observation ? Then, become an hotel tester and embark on an extraordinary adventure..

-travel the world,
-searching for the most beautiful hotels,
-enjoy the most beautiful beaches,
- relax yourself,
-visit the most beautiful places in the world

you will have to be :


The activity consists in testing hotels around the world, to evaluate their qualities, but also their defects. You will be asked to take an interest in the cleanliness, the reception and the various services of the institution that can be offered to the customers

The salary is based on the duration of the mission, which may take a few days or weeks. Generally, we will pay you at minimum wage

are you interested ?

please, send your resume and your letter of motivation before march 10 at : becomeathotelstester@outlook.com

(we can be reached at any times on this number :00447768747871)