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rudy gobert

  • I. His childhood and his career
  • II. He cause he defends
  • III. Why i chose he




I. His childood...

june, 26 1992

Saint Quentin

former basketteur player

half brother, half sister

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father : Rudy Bourgael,

mother : Corinne Gobert

JSC Saint-Quentin


- late growth spurt

in 2010

- he wins the title of champion of France

- joins les espoirs de cholet

- selected in the French junior team -> European Junior Championship 2010

- wins the title of best scorer and rebounder
of the team

...His carrer

  • he joins the utah jazz team
  • becomes Randal Falker's main replacement
  • he finished best blocker of the 2012-2013 season
  • first game against the NBA against Oklahoma City

First french selected since tony parker

II.The cause he defend

  • Black lives matter
  • children's rights
  • regular donations

Black lives matter

  • knees on the ground during a game
  • jersey with inscription: equality

named Champion of Peace 2021

For his commitment to peace, to the rights of each other

- rights and freedom of children

- Red Cross Association

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  • $100,000/$500,000 : families in difficulty because of covid
  • $200,000 : to 800 employees in Utah

III.Why i choose he ?

  • defends important values
  • french basketball player

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your attention