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Internship report.



1 · Company introduction

Presentation, employees...

2 · Internship's conduct

Missions, tasks...

3 · Conclusion

My opinion, what I learned...


Company introduction

I did my internship in a law firm in Carcassonne. from 31 January to 18 February 2022. I personally chose this company because i was very intersted in it.

SCP RECHE - GUILLE-MEGHABBAR is a law firm created by Mr. Alain TARLIER, former president of the Carcasssonne Bar Association, who has himself succeeded two generations of lawyers.

With a generalist tradition, the firm is now composed of 2 lawyers, Mr. Sylvain RECHE and Ms. Gaëlle GUILLE-MEGHABBAR, each of whom intervenes in aeras that are in line with their skills and experience.

The team

Ms. Jacquie GARCIA

Mr. Sylvain RECHE

Indeed, Ms. Jacquie GARCIA is the representative secretary of the 2 lawyers. She's in charge of their schedules, answering the phone and e-mails, filing and archiving the files etc ...


Internship's conduct

During my internship, I learned many things through all the tasks they gave me. These were many and varied.

In the company, it was Ms Gaëlle GUILLE-MEGHABBAR who took care of me personally.

I will now present you, in the form of a list, the tasks entrusted to me by Ms. Gaëlle GUILLE-MEGHABBAR but also by Ms. Jacquie GARCIA who, when she could, had also given me some things to do.

- filing of files
- depositing mail
- visit the court in Carcassonne
- sorting the files
- writing letters on the LYSIAS V* software
- archiving of files
- creation of a register of general meetings
- drafting of a summons for summary proceedings
- drafting of a fee agreement
- attending two court hearings

* LYSIAS V is a software for lawyers. It allows an efficient management of the law firm. A customizable dashboard integrates all aspects of the profession and an agenda is integrated into the management of the activity. Lawyers are notified of each new task. This software has been developed by JPL Systèmes and has been awarded the e-barreau label.

With this software, we can manage files with the generation of letters and legal documents, and manage calls. There is an electronic document management with integrated artificial intelligence etc...



I personally enjoyed my internship at this law firm very much. It taught me to be more responsive and efficient in my work. What I found difficult, however, was to open up to the team. Indeed, the team described me as an extremely reserved person. So I would work more on myself to overcome the shyness. This internship introduced me to the world of lawyers, which I didn't know at all, and also to the world of work in general.

Thank you !