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How addicted to the Internet are you ?

How long do you play video games every day ?
I play more than four hours a day.
I play about one hour a day.
I never play video games.

How many friends have you got ?
I have 3 very good friends.
I don't have a lot of friends.
I have a lot of friends on Facebook.

During your week-end, what do you prefer doing ?
I prefer surfing on the net and going out with my friends.
I prefer doing my homework.
I prefer only playing video games.

When you wake up, what do you do ?
I have breakfast.
I watch tv, I surf on the net and I play video games.
I have breakfast and check my messages.

Do you have artistic talents ?
I can draw very well.
I am quite good at art but I prefer reading.
I often draw on my laptop.

You have a majority of

You have a majority of

You have a majority of

You are a hater to the Internet.
You should join a computer club and you should learn the basics of Internet.
Internet is useful for you !

You are reasonable.
You like using Internet and you use reasonably.

You are addictet to the Internet.
You should switch off your phone from time to time, you ought to go out with your friends.
You had better not play video games all the time.