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why does the soap wash?

Pierrick Dufour

Léo Martin

5. Conclusion


3. Water alone is ineffective

4. Washing with soap

2. The various forms of soap

1. What is a soap ?

Soap is a liquid or solid product composed of amphiphilic molecules obtained by chemical reaction between a fatty substance and a strong base.

What is a soap ?

The various forms of soap

Soaps come in a variety of forms, depending on their water content, the type and percentage of fats used or even the presence of other impurities.

Water alone is ineffective

Water alone can remove some dirt but it cannot do the same with grease and oil.

Each soap molecule is made of two parts:

- the hydrophilic part
-the hydrophobic part

washing with soap


Soap can be solid or liquid and is created by a chemical reaction. Its texture depends on its water composition. Soap helps water to remove grease or oil from the body because water alone is not effective enough. Each soap molecule is made of the hydrophilic part and the hydrophobic part.