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Anaïs Jost and Jade Casquel L2 MS 2022

Teddy Riner x Under Armour


1. Teddy Riner

2. Under Armour x Teddy

3. Olympic Games 2024

- April 7, 1989 in Guadeloupe

- At 5 years old, he is registered in a multisport club
- climbing, golf, tennis, swimming…
- But he turned to judo and football

Teddy riner

At 6 years old,

he obtains his license in
football and judo
But he chooses judo

At 14 years old,

pole of hope in Rouen.
One year with Dominique Paolozzi

At 15, he joined the French team at Insep.

Benoît Campargue national coaches. Serge Dyot, his trainer since adolescence

“At school, I was already a head taller than the others”

Teddy Riner

Paris Judo (PSG)

the different clubs

Judo Club Bolivar

Lagardère Paris Racing

Levallois Sporting Club

The Teddy Riner Academy

- to meet Teddy Riner

- to spend a week learning, alongside his former coaches

- Learn your best techniques

- Learn his way of living judo and his method to succeed and win.

UNICEF France Ambassador

“When I saw the tireless work carried out by UNICEF, I understood the change it brought to the lives of children and I wanted to help as much as possible to contribute to this change, in Togo and in other countries of the world. We cannot remain insensitive to the fact that more than 2 million children do not survive their first month of life and that among them, 80% have died of causes that could have been avoided or treated. »

On February 15, 2017, Under Armor formalized the signing of a partnership contract with Teddy Riner.
“Under Armour is a performance brand. It's an honor for me to join this team." Teddy Riner

Under armour

"His ambitious and combative temperament fits perfectly with the culture and values ​​of Under Armour, as we rapidly develop our brand and our activities in France" Chris Bate, VP and Managing Director Europe Under Armour.

A giant Under Armor poster with Teddy Riner in Paris !

I Will

- On Thursday, November 9, several portraits of Teddy Riner invaded the streets of Paris.

- On Saturday 11, once the title was won, the explanation of the campaign was given and in particular the reference to September 13, 2010, the date of the last fight lost by the French champion.

“We fought too hard to get this Paris-2024 candidacy. We have the Games and I intend to take advantage of them and live these Games fully and do everything possible to be present. »

Teddy Riner


What is the Olympics?

The biggest sporting event in the world.

Bringing together the best athletes in around thirty sports every four years.
Two categories : The Winter Olympics (since 1924 reserved for snow and ice sports). the Summer Olympics (since 1896).
Inspired from the Olympic Games of ancient Greece
The Olympic Games were renovated in 1893 by Pierre de Coubertin.
They are organized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

How and who choose the city/country that organise the Olympic Games every 4 years?

1. National Olympic Committee (NOC) chose one candidate.

2. The NOCs propose the chosen city and submit the file to the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

3. During an IOC session, the candidates are decided by a vote applying the Coombs method.

The Coombs method

Economic issues :

220 million euros, for the construction and renovation of numerous infrastructures.

150,000 jobs mobilized for the preparation and organization of the Games.

78,300 jobs of them are for the organization (transport, events, communication, private security, etc.).

60,000 jobs in tourism (hotels and restaurants in particular).

11,700 in construction. Jobs which will be created mainly from 2021 and until 2024.

95% of the infrastructures needed to hold the event already exist or are planned.

Faced with the greatest challenge of Humanity, the biggest event in the world takes its responsibilities by becoming the first international sporting event with a positive contribution to the climate.

Ecological issues

The Olympic seine

July 26, 2024

600,000 people on site

160 boats

6 km of route, from the Pont d'Austerlitz to the Pont d'Iéna

10,500 athletes

206 nations

The beach volleyball at the foot of the Eiffel Tower

Equestrian in the gardens of the Palace of Versailles

The Paris games IN the city

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