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Louis Braille

Unsung Hero : someone who has done something brave or good but are not celebrate or unknown but deserve to be.

Louis braille

He is a French educator and inventor of a reading and writing system use by people who are visually impaired.

He was blinded at the age of three in one eye.
At 10 years old he received a scholarship at the Institution royales des jeunes aveugles. At school childreen learn to read on emboosed letters but cannot writte because the letters were sewn on the papers. He was a very studious student in all subjects.
Unfortunately, the school was not clean and he caught tuberculosis



In 1821, Louis Braille attends a presentation on the sonography system of Charles Barbier de La Serre. He wanted to help by making some modifications. But because of the age difference, no one was interested in Braille.

In 1825, the braille system is developed.
In 1829, publishes a book printed in relief entitled Procédé for the blind people.

  • 6 points used
  • coding of Latin typographical signs
  • a character is represented in a matrix of six points on two columns

2.2 billion people live with a visual impairment of which 65 million are blind.

This alphabet allows these people to read and write.
And few people know who he is or who invented braille.

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