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Eastern brown snake

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What it looks like

The eastern brown snake is brown above and creamy yellow below. He also has orange and gray flecks, as we can see with the picture. This snake can tall to two meters in long.

Where it lives

This snake lives in central austalia. He lives more mainly in agricultural land, in urban areas or in alpine regions.

How it can injure people

How it can injure people

The eastern brown snake is considered the second most venomous land snake in the world, after the inland taipan. The eastern brown snake in an extremely venomous. Its venom is very deadly for humans .

It is imperative to always act quickly when a snake bite is noticed. When poisonous snakes bite, they inject venom into the victim. It left untreated, bites can be fatal.

What people must do if they have been attacked

Fun fact

To reproduce this, the males engage in a fight against other males to access the female .

How many people it has killed in the past 50 years

It is responsible for sixty porcent of bite deadths in australia
it's fivety last years.