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Nikola tesla


Nikola Tesla was born on july 10th 1856 in Smiljan in Croatia, he was a great inventor and electrician

Nikola Tesla

Job of Tesla

Nikola Tesla was a great inventor, he was the creator of a lot inventions as known as dynamos, Tesla coil, radio and remote control, ac motor and x-ray

war of current

Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla met for the first time in Paris and their collaboration lasted six months. Nikola Tesla was associated with George Westinghouse for countered Thomas Edison his direct current, this rivalry had transformed all that into a war of the current. Thomas Edison financed Harold Brown's electric chair project to prove that alternating current was dangerous and a few years later, Tesla won the war of the current.


Tesla went to the University in Prague and studied at the Realshule University

Nikola tesla was died on january 7th 1943 of coronary thrombosis in New york, he spent his last years feeding and commucating with the pigeons

Tesla is died

Tribute to Nikola Tesla

Elon Musk pay tribute to Nikola Tesla by calling him company Tesla.

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