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Who is Joseph McCarthy



The Hollywood Ten

Modern witch hunt







After the second world war II, the maccarthysme appears. In effect, during the Cold War, the URSS and the USA are opposed. There is a fear of the communist and the Soviet bloc in the american society. The president Harry Truman decide to take measures in his government and his country.

Truman is the 33th American president, he replaces Roosevelt after his death on April 12, 1945.

Joseph McCarty

Joseph McCarthy, in full Joseph Raymond McCarthy, was born November 14, 1908, near Appleton (Wisconsin, U.S). He died in May 2, 1957 (Bethesda, Maryland). He is an American politician who served in the U.S. Senate (1947–57), representing Wisconsin, and who lent his name to the term McCarthyism. He dominated the U.S. political climate in the early 1950s through his sensational but unproven charges of communist subversion in high government circles. In 1954, in a rare move, McCarthy’s Senate colleagues officially censured him for unbecoming conduct.
A Wisconsin attorney, McCarthy served for three years as a circuit judge (1940–42) before enlisting in the U.S. Marine Corps in World War II. In 1946 he won the Republican nomination for the Senate in a stunning upset primary victory over Sen. Robert M. La Follette, Jr.; he was elected that autumn and again in 1952.

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McCarthyism, name given to the period of time in American history that saw U.S. Sen. Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin produce a series of investigations and hearings during the 1950s in an effort to expose supposed communist infiltration of various areas of the U.S. government. The term has since become a byname for defamation of character or reputation by means of widely publicized indiscriminate allegations, especially on the basis of unsubstantiated charges.

Thanks to the McCarthyism, there is the presence of the Red Scare during the years 50th. The Red Scare is is the promotion of a widespread fear of a potential rise of communism, anarchism or other leftist ideologies by a society or state. It is often characterized as political propaganda. The term is most often used to refer to two periods in the history of the United States which are referred to by this name.








The speech of Wheeling

14 june 1951


22 april 1954


2 december 1954

Senate Standing Subcommittee of Inquiry

The Senate condemns McCarthy

Speech against the general Marshall

Investigate against McCarthy


Harry Truman establishes a new Commission

After the nomination of Eisenhower to the presidency of USA, McCarthy is nominated to the presidency of Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigation. McCarthy is someone who inspired mistrust.

The Republican Senator Ralph Flanders puts a motion of censure against McCarthy. After, the senate will give a reprimand to McCarthy.

This commission has for goal to investigate on the loyalty of federal officials. This commission wants to rule out everybody who could be associated to the communist regime.

McCarthy pronounces speech in the senate, in this speech, he will attack the general George Marshall. Marshall was a proponent of a limited war in Korea. McCarthy doesn't agree with the mind of Marshall. Moreover, he create a pamphlet and he calls it America’s Retreat from Victory, The Story of George Catlett Marshall

The Sub-Commission start to investigate on the accusations about McCarthy and the army. The hearings of the investigate were known as the McCarthy-Army Hearings. The impact of this investigate was considerable.


  • To denonce people who are communist or who could be in favor about the communist in media or in the American government.
  • To investigate on the loyalty of federal officials.
  • To chase all the communists who are present in the American society.
  • To kill the opposition to the capitalist regime.
  • To make a society without communists in the government and in the street.

An illustration





There is two graves (North Korea and east Germany), who represent the two country who give up the capitalism regime for the communist regime

The iceberg represent the communist regime because we can see the color red who is a symbol of the communist and there is the logo of the communist .

These boat represent the American society with Uncle Sam, who is an symbol of USA ( I want You). These is not far from the iceberg because the American society is in danger thanks to the communist presence.

The iceberg can be related to the movie Titanic because if the American boat touch this iceberg, maybe the American society will die and will lost his capitalism regime.

Impacts :

  • there is a fear in the american society
  • all the arts were touched by the maccartysm ( cinema, theater, radio ...) and many people were fired.
  • many people were fired just by charges.
  • there is a mistrust in the american society
  • Propaganda appeared that warned people of the rising threat and that anyone could be a Communist.
  • Many children of the accused were also blacklisted by their peers as their parents warned them to stay away.
  • The trials that took place during this period led to a rise in Anti Semitic and Anti Immigrant feelings.

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The Hollywod Ten :

In October 1947, 10 members of the Hollywood film industry publicly denounced the tactics employed by the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), an investigative committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, during its probe of alleged communist influence in the American motion picture business. These prominent screenwriters and directors, who became known as the Hollywood Ten, received jail sentences and were banned from working for the major Hollywood studios. Their defiant stands also placed them at center stage in a national debate over the controversial anti-communist crackdown that swept through the United States in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Besides the Hollywood Ten, other members of the film industry with alleged communist ties were later banned from working for the big movie studios. The Hollywood blacklist came to an end in the 1960s.

One of the Hollywood ten who were blacklist was Charlie Chaplin. FBI referred to Charlie Chaplin as a "parlour Boshevik," believing him to be a Communist sympathizer and a possible security risk to the country. Although Chaplin denied being a Communist, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover was determined to have the actor deported and worked with immigration services to prevent him from re-entering the States after he flew to London to promote one of his films.

Modern Wicth Hunt :

In the USA, being homosexual was very controversial before. But,we tought that the minded has changed. IT was false. In effect, there is many investigation on the LGBT and the homosexual. And one movie highlights this modern witch hunt. It's the documentary of Josh Howard who has made The Lavender Scare .

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The Lavender Scare: the shocking true story of an anti-LGBT witch-hunt

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trailer of the movie :

The prospect of a documentary about state-sanctioned LGBT discrimination, in short, seemed more like a valuable history lesson than a topical work of activism. And yet, released into the more hostile environment of Donald Trump’s America, The Lavender Scare plays rather differently. Its Eisenhower-era story of the national witch-hunt that saw scores of homosexual men and women investigated by the state, and subsequently dismissed from their jobs on the basis of their sexuality, has alarming reverberations at a time when Trump’s administration has rolled back certain workplace protections for LGBT people, when transgender people have been banned from serving in the military, and when a homophobic baker refusing to provide a wedding cake to LGBT customers can take the fight all the way to the supreme court, and win.

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The same mistakes but in different times. Maybe one day, we will learn of this mistakes.


Presence of modern witch hunt in different places


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