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Lience : Droit Français et

Droit Anglo-Saxon

joshua beranger



" Law is a ruler of the world"

by Mirabeau

  • 54h/144h of school in english per semester in France
  • It's an introduction to the Common Law and french Law
  • the 3rd year you can move to another university to finish the program in english
  • we are follow by expert in the juridic sphere to learn an train ourselves to become specialist
  • but for have all of that we must pass an meeting with teacher of the license

what is it ?

WHy ??

What motives me in that ?

  • Practice english half the time of this type of study
  • I'm really interesting by the Law
  • Is an advantage for me beacause I would continu in english Master
  • and continuity of study out of France

What ?

What have I done in connection with this way?

  1. I take the option " Droits et grands enjeux du monde comptemporains"
  2. Whith the "Law Class" we have join the association of "The School of Huamin Rights and Earth"for make an advocacy in front of 90 student of Law of other hight school
  1. And in HGGSP class we must do a reconstitution of the General Assembly of United Nation

When ?

+ info

  • Since the first year in hight school I would be lawyer or judge because a many people told me to go in this way.
  • I go to "open door" of university
  • My Senior Teacher ( professeur principal) push me to this cursus
  • I talk with old student and student who were in the license.

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Goooo !

to be accepted !

+ info


  • I must write an Cover Letter
  • And if I will selected I must do an interview to see what i can do in real
  • My report acrd is also seen and my assement are really import so I wish had good assement :)

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