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Victor Lustig

The man who sold the Eiffel Tower

01 Introduction

02 Who is Victor Lustig ?

03 The Crime

04 The sentence/Alcatraz

05 His life in prison/Death

06 Scamming Al Capone

07 Conclusion



White-collar crimes : Usually not directly violent and financially motivated.

Ex : fraud, bribery, cyber-crime, money laundering...

Who is Victor Lustig ?

Born January 4th 1890 in Bohemian region

Known for his numerous scams
Spoke 5 different languages

The crime

Sold the Eiffel Tower to André Poisson.

Left to Austria
Tried to sell it a second time but it didn't work

Prison cells

The Hallway

Situated in San Fancisco

The sentence/ Alcatraz

The Island

Very small

The inside of a cell

His life in prison and his death

Got sick after serving 12 years

Died of pneumonia 2 years later
Served 14 years

Scamming Al Capone

He asked Al Capone to invest 50,000 dollars in a crooked scheme

But Victor kept the money
He made him believe that the scam had fallen through
Victor asked 5000 dollars from Al Capone to help him leave the country


Victor Lustig is probably one of the most original scammers of all time

The man who sold the Eiffel Tower