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The Trail of Tears

The Indian Removal Act


The Cherokee's forced removal

May 1838

The Trail of Tears

Summer 1838

+ 4000

is the number of Cherokee died

The Trail of Tears

Memorial of The Trail of Tears


  • Who passed the Indian Removal Act ?

  • Which other tribes did we talk about ?

  • What did President Jackson after May 1838 ?

  • Where is the tragic path of Cherokee memorialized today ?

The essential to retain

In 1830, the Congress passed the Indian Removal Act stipulating that all the southern native American tribes should move away. However, the Cherokee peoples resisted moving to the Indian Territory and President Andrew Jackson set up the Treaty of New Echota which gave Cherokee peoples a homeland in Oklahoma and money in exchange for their removal. But, most Cherokee leaders didn’t agree with this treaty. Finally, President Jackson sent General Winfield Scott to force them to leave. During the summer, Cherokee were forced to walk for several months to Oklahoma : that was The Trail of Tears.