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Press Review

-The story of a 100 year old boat recently discovered in Antarctica

-The death of the first person to receive heart transplant from pig

-The consequences of the economic sanctions due to the ukrainian war on Russians

'History can be funny' : Muscovites get used to life without Dior and McDonald's

-authoritarianism = autoritarisme

-brands = marques
-to decouple = to separate things or activities
-at lightning speed = à une vitesse fulgurante
-dramatically = de manière spectaculaire

Vocabulary :

source : The Guardian

First person to receive heart transplant from pig dies, says Mariland hospital

Vocabulary :

-heart transplant = une greffe de coeur
-a pioneering operation = une opération pionnière
-a handyman = un bricoleur
-to undergone = subir
-heart failure = insuffisance cardiaque
-the severity = la gravité

source : The Guardian

Vocabulary :

-a wreck = une épave
-a crew = un équipage
-to set sail = prendre la mer
-to encounter = rencontrer
-a polar pack ice = une banquise polaire
-to decampe = to leave a place suddenly

Lost and found : the extraordinary story of Shackleton's Endurance

source : The Guardian

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