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1-How often do you play video games ?

Every day I like this

Sometimes, this is not my favorite activite

Never , I don't like that

How addicted to the Internet are you ?

2- how long do you spend on your phone every day

More than six hour,I can't without it.

About 3 hour

1 hour for my homework

3- What do you do in your free time ?

I watch TV and check my phone

I usually chat with my friends

I go running I love sport

4- What do you usually do after school?

I watch videos on Youtube

I chat with my mother

I do my homework and sometimes I read

5- How often do you go out with your friends ?

Never, I don't have friends

Often, I love going to the cinema

Always after school

You have a majority of :

: You are definitely addicted to the Internet. But that not a good thinks, you schould do a sport activites and go out with your friends.

: You are reasonable. You don't spend too much time on the the Internet and it's very good !

: You are absolutly not addicted to the Internet. You schould use the Internet more often