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presentation of Texas Chainsaw

all about Texas chiansaw

1st texas chainsaw date : 1974

last Texas chainsaw date : 2022

creators names : Tobe Hooper , Kim Henkei and Adam Marcus

there is 9 texas chainaw's movies

why i prensent those movies ?

beatiful movie
my favourite killer is in those movies
i love horrors films

this is leatherface

what about leatherface

  • leatherface was made at 1939
  • he died at 1986
  • he live in texas
  • he is canibal

a little moment of texas chainsaw

what about leatherface mask ?

made by skin's of victims

what he do with his victims ?

  • he do a chili
  • he hang on a hook her corpses
  • he remake a mask
  • he give it to his family

thanks for you're attention