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Presentation of two fascinating animals from Australia

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The blobfish belongs to the family psychrolutidae which contains fat tadpole-like heads that account for 40 % of they body mass. The globular head has a blunt snout filled with fat , dark eyes and a huge mouth with villiform teeth on booth jaws. Unlike other fish it has no scales: instead, it has a smoot , flabby , gelatinous pink skin that allows kit to resist water pressure.

The blobfish are mainly found in the dep water along the coasts of minland Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania. They inhabit the dark and cold parts of the ocean below 1000 feet .

He poison people by spreading his foul saliva on their skin. To take care of yourself, they must quickly inject themselves with an anti-poison. If within 24 hours they have not injected an anti-poison, they will be dead. The blobfish has killed about an hundred thousand people in the last 50 years .

Fun fact

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The blobfish is so ugly that it scares all the other fish. It is the ugliest fish in the world .

presentation of the mary river turtle

The mary river turtle is a turtle with a skin close to the color of stone what allows him to be camouflaged has the approcheach of a predator . Algae cover all its body in particular its head which give him a cut of punk. Its legs are webbed and covered with small claws. It has four babels located under its mouth, two more proeminent than the other .

This frechwater turtle is endemic to Australia and more precisely to the Mary River which flows in the south-east of Queensland and from which it takes its names. The Mary River takes its source inland a little further south, near boroobin, and flows 310 km further north in the Great Sandy Streat which connects the Coral Sea to the Pacific Ocean .

It attacks people by clawing them : it is very violent. To take care of yourself, the victims of the attack must disenfect the wound and wrap it with a bandage. The turtle has killed about thirty people in the past 50 years because turtle attacks are not extremely dangerous. The mary river turtle is a most dangerous.

fun fact

Some people confused it with grass and it was stepped on : the turtle is not very happy !