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For my last holidays I am going to go Pataya.I spent 14 days in Pataya and 1 day in Bangkok.

Where is Thailand ?
Thailand is in Asie. These neighboring countries are Birmanie,Cambodge,Laos and Malaisie.Bangkok is the capital of the Thailand.

Is thailand beautiful ?

Thailand is very beautiful because there are a lot of beaches with sand and blue water.

There are Buddhas statues, temples. The landscapes are natural.

My activities in Thailand

When I was on holidays, I did a lot of activities

I visited an island "Ko larn". On this island, I went parasailing. I went scuba diving and I saw a lot of fishes.

I ate insects (crickets and larvaes).

I went to an aquatic park. There were 20 slides and a wild river.

I ate in a magnificent restaurant over the sea. The food was fresh and biologique.

I visited Pataya on night. it was very beautiful because the buildings were illuminated with multicolored color.

I bathed in the sea on midnight.