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How addicted to the Internet are you ?

1) How long do you spend on the internet every day ?

: I spend more than 5 hours.

: I spend more than 2 hours.

: I spend less than 1 hour.

4) How do you comunicate with your friends ?

: I communicate with them on snapchat or instagram.

: I send them e-mails or call them on the telephone.

: Just when I go out.

2) How often do you speak with your friends on the networks

: Usually

: Sometimes

: Hardly ever

3) What do you do in your free time ?

: I play games vidéo

: I play with my friends

: I surf on the internet

5) What friends dou you have on the internet ?

: I have virtual friends.

: I have school friends.

: I have friends from my city and from the collège.

Legend :

: Verry addicted.

: Addict.

: Not addicted.