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hello class

2 fascinous australlian animals

today i talk about of

box jelly fish

You can write an

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the first animal is the

what its look like ?

it's look like a blue mushroom with tentacules look like spaguettis

where it lives ?

she live on all plage of australia but no on the big barrier of coral

how it can injure people ?

she can sting you and provoque a cardiac arrest in few minutes !

whats it's look like ?

it's look like a mushroom with long tentacules

what to do if we sting ?

if you sting you must pick vinegar or ask a person to pee on the wond and/or go rapidely to hospital !

fun fact !

she have four brain, twenty-four eyes and... six-teen anuses !

body count ?

the box jellyfish stung six-teen-four people to death since eigteen ninety-four

and now the 2nd animal

the Wallaby

how it can injure people ?

where it's live ?

body count ?

what to do if we attacked ?

fun fact !

what it look like ?

fun facts !

the wallaby live in eucaliptus forest in the est of Australia.


the wallaby look like bit a kangourous, he have many hairs and he have long hears.


he rarely dangerous but he can scratch* you.

*scratch = griffer


stop the bleeding* and call ambulance, if it possible disenfect the wound**.




any people are dead by a wallaby !



the wallabys young* are called 'Joeys'

A Parma wallaby's tail** is the same length as it's body





the reason of i choose this animals it's because

the Wallaby it's the cutest animal

and the box jelly fish it's the most dangerous

(it's my opignon )

a little video of walaby

it's the end.

thanks at all the class for listen my slideshow.