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They don't care about us

Students: Ekaterina Emishev
Valaentine daimé
Camilia Kerboua


Message of song


Michael Jackson



Message of song

This is a committed song because it denounces the violence of minority people in music video. "hit me", "hate me", "break me", "kick me", "victim of police brutality", "victim of hatred", "victim of shame", "become bad", "hit me".


He voluntarily puts himself in jail. and in the shoes of the prisoners. He represents the prisoners, all those who suffer discrimination. t. This is the real message of Michael Jackson in his video. . He wants this clip to make people react, to make them change. He takes up the ideas of Roosevelt and Martin Luther King against racism and segregation .

This is not the only song that denounces racism, violence , discrimination, lack of equality, and humanism. There is also "Black or White" and "Heal The World" which denounced same things. His music all evokes a specific theme which is the protest against racism and more specifically that against black people


Michael Jackson


Why did we choose this music? First of all this music has passed the generations, indeed we all listened to it when we were little and we still listen to it today. But also we have the power of the lyrics, which transmit a strong message of union against this recurrent racism nowadays. And Michael Jackson is very well known for his music that fights discrimination like black and white

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