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Designing a support system

Prepared by Lauraline Catalot, Julie Roué et Marie-Sara Delos

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Objective B2 !

For 15 students of the at the Tunon International School in Paris


General objectives

In a public school, we work with a first year class.

We have two general objectives.

3 hours every fortnight alternating with their English classes.


We have two evaluation criteria

Evaluation criteria

We have chosen to make an aid device for students of a private school of tour guide. Our training will take place at the Tunon International School in Paris, where students are trained to become tourist guides. During this program, we will follow 15 (fifteen) first year students who are doing their initial training. The accompanying courses that we will offer will alternate with the compulsory English courses. Twice a month, the students will have 3 hours of English tutoring instead of the usual English classes.

Our support system has 2 main objectives:

- The students must reach the B2 level at the end of the year, as it's the minimum level to work as a tour guide. The B2 level will have to be attested by the realization of the TOEFL

- And they will have to carry out a tourist project throughout the year (which will also develop certain transversal skills)

The accompanying courses that we will offer will alternate with the compulsory English courses. Twice a month, the students will have 3 hours of English tutoring instead of the usual English classes.

Evaluation criteria :

- TOEFL with a minimum level of B2

- Completion of the entire tourism project with an audience

Improve your english

Module 1

The certification

The certification is at the end of the program. We chose the TOEFL certification for the students, it’s the school which pays for them. In around three hours and half they will pass this final test. There are thirty min for the explanation video, and three hours for the reading test, listening test, writing test, speaking test. Thanks to this accompagnement we help the student improve their English in order to get a minimum B2 level at this TOEFL certification.

That should help them to know approximately which level they have and to find a job in all the world after the courses in Tunon international school. It's a plus that we give them.

The placement test

In partnership with the English teacher, the placement test is at the beginning of the formation. So it’s in September at Tunon international school, during the first English class. We use eLAO which is a reliable language test logiciel for collegial and professionals. For an hour and half, the learners will complete in individual ways all the questions at the CRL which will permit us to estimate their English level.

This test has 3 objectives : know their English level and then adapt the pedagogical support to the learner in order to prepare him for the certification.

Module 2

Let's discover the word !

Module 3

Module 4

The project


Exchange with a pen pal

September October November December January February March April May

For module 2, we are going for a continuous practice of English which takes place outside the lessons. The students will have to listen to a podcast or a video of a 10 to 15 minutes duration during the time when we do not see them in class. The material will be related to their course and will be about countries, cities or monuments for example. When we return to the group, for 10 minutes, we will make a summary all together to know what was understood, appreciated or not. All materials will be available on Moodle.

The objectives are to practise English on a daily basis (regarding oral comprehension) and to present elements understood during the listening of the digital media.

Then, module 4 "The Project" is the most important module of our training. It consists of putting their training and English into practice. It takes place face-to-face for 3 hours every fortnight.

During the school year, the students will have to choose, prepare and develop a tourism project. The aim is to create a tourist circuit in the city and the stages of their choice. The pupils will have to make decisions together, divide the tasks, plan the missions and organise the guided tour. They will have to create a guided tour offer, design contents, materials for the tour and promote the tour.

The project is a group work, but some tasks will be assigned according to the difficulties of each student. For example, a student with speach difficulty will have to lead a part of the guided tour. To do this, we will choose the role of each person thanks to the placement test. Obviously, the trainers will be there to help during the year with the implementation of this project.

The objectives are to concretise the year's learning, to carry out the whole project and to work on one's own difficulties.

There will be no assessment for this module. The simple completion of the guided tour by the group is sufficient to validate the module.

For the third module, we have two times too. The first time will be reserved for mentoring, this will be instituted at the beginning of the year, each first year student will be assigned a mentor. The mentor will be a student in the 2nd year class who passed the certification the previous year. In order to match the level of English for each student and make it as productive as possible, the mentor will be at or above the level of the first year student. Mentoring sessions will take place twice a month, with a 1 hour session every two weeks. The objective is for the student to practice his/her English orally, to provide concrete support to the student according to his/her level, and to share experiences with the mentor.

The second time will be devoted to the exchange with a pen pal. From the beginning of the year, a pen pal will be assigned to each student. The pen pals will come from different partner schools with the Tunon International School where we carry out the accompaniment program. The communication between the student and the pen pal will be done in an autonomous way throughout the school year. This will have 2 main objectives: to discover new cultures with the help of a native speaker, and to practice their English orally and in writing.



In June after the certification, for one week.


Mobility project !

- Meet their correspondant

- Discovers a new culture
- Discovers professional in other country

- A tourism school in Ireland partner: "Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology” (GMIT)

- Paris tourist office
- The region of Ile de France

- Travel is mandatory

- One possible constraint is the budget.
But, one solution is the grants received by the school.
- ID cards must be up to date.


Daily program

Meet my pen pal in Galway