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1. A political barrier

3. A bad repartition of domestic tasks

2. An inegal working climate and rewards

4. Conclusion

We need to fight for a potical equality

01 A political barrier

- Since 2012, women have the right to vote anywhere in the world, except in Saudi Arabia

- Howerever there is only 21,5% of women in Parliament in the USA and 29% in UK
- Women had to wait 1920 to finally vote for the first time in the USA. Their campagne began in 1848 with the famous text : The Declaration of Sentiments
- We still need to continue our fight to include more women in the politic.

"We are ready to work beside you, fight beside you, die Beside you. Let us vote beside you"

Campagne to promote women's suffrage in NY, 1917

Inequality at work are more present than we think

- There is only around 7% of CEO woman in the USA but also in the UK and France. Men still occup a huge part of the powerful positions in internships and that's not normal. It's mostly due to the misoginy at work and the capacities.

- The second biggest problem is about the money. Woman and men are the same and should be earn the same amount of money for the same labor, but they don't. Everyone time, a men makes a dollar when a woman make only 82 cents.
- We have to judge people only for their work without having any stereotype of their gender.

02 An inegal working climate and rewards

Why would woman be maid if that's not their jobs ?

- A study show that for 5 women who clean their is only 2 mens and for 5 women who cook their is 4 mens

- A lot of tools contribute to those stereotypes for exemple the Christmas magasine which make pages for girls with cleaning, cookings toys and babies. But for boys they put fireman, chevalery and worker toys. A French artist have coloured every page in black and leave those misogynist words and that show how the brainwashing start since the youngest age.
- We can for exemple ban those kind of decoupage and start to be more inclusive at the learning process at school.

03 A bad repartition of domestic tasks


“We shouldn’t be afraid of the word feminist. Men and women should use it to describe themselves any time they want.”

Feminism is for everyone :

Justin Trudeau at the Women in the World Summit, 2017