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The Queen's platinium Jubilee







The Queen's family tree

Was she supposed to become Queen ?

Why did she accede to the throne?

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Timeline of a lifetime

What are the major events in the Queen's life ?

The Queen: a witness of 7 decades of social technological and cultural progress

What major events did the Queen witness ?

Role of the Queen in the UK and the Commonwealth


The Commonwealth
Today, let’s talk about the Commonwealth. (Full
name - The Commonwealth of Nations). It is a
group of 54 independent Member States, most of
whom are former British Empire countries. The
exceptions are Rwanda and Mozambique.
Like the British Empire once did, the
Commonwealth today spans the world. Ninety
four per cent of the Commonwealth is in Africa
and Asia. It covers nearly one third of the world
and has over 2.1 billion people in it. This is
almost a third of the world’s population...
One of the most populous countries in the
Commonwealth is India. The smallest member is
Tuvalu, with about 10,000 people. The three
largest countries are India, Canada and
Australia. Nauru, an island country in Micronesia
in the South Pacific, is the newest member.
The Queen is Head of the Commonwealth. In
2012, The Queen celebrated 60 years as its head.
In fact, the British royal family unifies the

The royal family: who is who ? How does the line of succession work ? Why are they still here ?

The celebrations
for the Queen's
platinium jubilee

What has already been organised ?

What will happen and when ?