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British monarchy and modern democracy

by Lara and Marisa



Historic events

Monarchy and Royals

Important People

political system

should Britain abolish their monarchy?



Watch the video and fill out the worksheet


Historic events



  • Magna Carta is a historical document signed by King John under pressure from the barons in 1215

  • 1265 Simon de Montfort invited representatives of town to a parliament

=> established foundation of representative democracy

first parliament

Magna Carta


Constitutional monarchy

  • -> legislation is made by an Elective Parliament

The Royals personify the state
  • making it more human, understandable and likable

Traditional relationship with citizens

Who are they?

The british Royalty




Queen Elizabeth II + Prince Philip

Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis of Cambridge

Prinz William and Catherine Duchess of Cambridge

Prince William + Prince Henry (Harry)

Prince Charles + Lady Diana

Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward

line of succession

family tree

Important people

Gordon Brown

- Prime Minister from 2007- 2010
- Labour party

David Cameroon

- Prime Minister from 2010- 2016
- Conservative party

Important people

Theresa May

- Prime Minister from 2016- 2019
- Conservative party

Boris Johnson

- Prime Minister since 2019
- Conservative party

Important people

Queen Elizabeth ll

- Queen of UK and Commonwealth realms since 1952
- Age: 95
- Her father was George Vl
- Her husband was Prince Phillip
- Her children are Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward

Prince Charles

- Age 72
- Eldest son of Queen Elizabethll
- His children are Prince William and Prince Harry

Political system

House of Lords

- political peers

- cross benchers
- hereditary peers
- bishops
- use experience to check and challenge government
- not elected

-> 3 main Funktions
- question/challange work of government
- work with Commons to shape laws
- investigate issues through committees and debates

House of Lords

House of Commons

- members of parliament (MPs) elected by the public

- election every 5 years (first past the post)

- debates important issues
- makes and reviews laws
- represents the public
- holds the government to account

-437 seats for 650 members

House of Commons

seating plan simple (2010-2016)

- Britain didn't join the EU 1957 because of its close ties with Commonwealth
- After trade with former colonies declined, Britain applied for admission

UK joins the EU

UK does not adapt the Euro

Euro is indroduced

- 51% voted to leave
- most young people voted for remaining in EU
- Particularly older and lower class in favor of leaving
- Referendum was decided by people's fear of growing influx of immigrants
- Scotland/ Northern Ireland voted for remaining in EU

First Brexit referendum in UK




History of the EU and the UK


Brexit with UK leaving EU

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Political parties dealing with Brexit

UK Independence party

Labour Party


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Conservative Party


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Brexit -Pro

  • EU policies create high costs and limitations
  • Britain has to financially support lowperforming EU countries
  • 64% of Brits do not see themselfes as European, but only British
  • Trade with EU countries on their own terms

  • Britain can set theire own imigration guidelines
  • By leaving the EU, Britain could equally cooperate with the US, China, the EU
  • Eventual decrease of wages, as fever immigrants are willing to work for lower payment
  • No trouble concerning the currency

Brexit -Contra

  • Britain part of European continent and shares parts of its values
  • Trade is easier
  • Companies need workers from other parts of Europe
  • International companies will leave leading to a loss of jobs
  • various economic disadvantages

  • A considerable amount of British citizen live in other EU countries
  • Harder to travel and migrate to EU countries
  • More influence and power in EU if UK stays
  • EU membership costs 0,34% of UK's wealth (nothing compared to benefits)

- no elections for a replacement as national symbol

- Outdated institution

-Saving taxes

- Tradition

- Tourist attraction

- Part of national identity

- GB symbol

- Unity /Pride

Abolish monarchy?


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