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Pop music presentation

What is pop music ?

*Pop music = a modern genre of music

*The term pop music --> specific stylistic characteristics like a danceable beat, a repetitive structure and simple melodies.

*The origins of pop music can be traced back to the Ragtime.

*The Ragtime music was popular in African American communities in the beginning. After wards the music Ragtime was transformed into Swing and Jazz.

*Pop music originated from the USA and the UK. The genre started as a mix of various music styles that were popular around the early 50’s.

*Sheet music was popularly used in the pop genre, where musical sheets were published as guides to play an instrument.

The origins of pop music

Music Styles that influenced pop


Country music

Folk music

The last 50 years pop music songs

What are the instruments that are used in pop music ?




electric piano

electronic organ


The last 50 years pop music songs

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