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Day 1 to day 2 - Night at St Briac sur mer

After a beautiful day of walking along the coast, you will be able to rest in a youth hostel that we have selected for you. After this restful night, we will wait for you at dawn at La Pointe de Lancieux. A boat and a volunteer crew will be waiting for you to take you to discover the sea bed.

Activity 4 - Farm-day and Night - Day 2 to day 3

Activity 4 :

We offer you to stay at a farm day, the main objective is to discover a new way to produces and consume.

You will take part to different activity on the farm. It's small activity that won't take long in order to let ou rest and enjoy the calm of the country side.

Feel free to put on your confortable shoes and go wandering among the field.

Picture of the farm

Day 3 to day 4 - Night at St-cast-le-guildo

After this end of day under the sun to pedal in the moor, we propose to you to rest in a lodging especially found for you.

Day 4 - Activity 9 - Coastal Biodiversity

Activity 9 :

In continuity of your ride in a sailboat, you will make a stop off the coast to observe the different species of birds. Among the volunteers who accompany you is an ornithologist. He will be able to explain to you how to differentiate the species and their way of life.

Picture of a Cormoran

You will be able to observe Cormorants, a species protected at the expense of the fish farmers. Indeed, it consumes a lot of fish, especially those of the farmers.

You can also observe Northern Gannets, the emblematic species of the Côtes d'Armor. This species is listed for the majority on these coasts.

Northern Gannets

Day 4 - Activity 7 - Sailing

For the rest of the adventure we propose you to became an active sailor and discover marine biodiversity along a zero carbon journey. The sailing journey is about 4 hours depending on the weather.

Activity 7 :

The volunteers will give you a safety briefing on the boat.

Afterwards, they will explain how the boat works, and show you how to navigate.

Finally, for the most courageous among you, with the help of the volunteers, you will be able to navigate.

Example of the type of boat on which you will sail

Nigth at Erquy - Day 4 to last day - and activity 10

Here you are at the final stage of this stay.

For this last day, we leave you the possibility to rest after the day spent on the boat in an airbnb selected by us according to your expectations.

Example of accommodation

Activity 10 :

To close this trip we organise a picnic on the beach with different tourist and benevoles that have carried you around your vacation.

Day 1 - Dinard -

Welcome to this expedition along the Emerald Coast.

We will explain the activities at each stage, and our team of volunteers will be at your disposal for any further questions.

You will start this journey in Dinard.

We will leave you a part of the morning free to walk around.

You will be able to walk along the mythical Promenade du Claire de Lune, for example.

Moonlight walk

Day 1 - Activity 1 - Hiking along the costums road

After visiting Dinard, we propose you to join the next step of your journey, following the traces of the customs officers.

Activity 1 :

Customs road

It is a road used by customs during the 18th century. Over its 7km long, the customs controled and monitored the coast and contraband.

The road illustrate the biodiversity and the heritage of Emerald cost. The path follow the contours of coast.

The path is maintain by the different city which are cross by it. It is shadowy and build in hard rock, allowing his facility of access.

Day 2 - Activity 2 - Scuba-diving

To start this second day we propose a new activity.

The objective of our team of volunteers is to make you discover the marine fauna of the bay of Lancieux.

Activity 2 :

Discover the marine fauna of the Lancieux bay.

example of fauna that can be observed

Under the kindness of volunteers, with a diving license, we can discover the marine fauna which can be find next to the coast.

After a brief on the beach, we go to the boat.

The type of boat used

The captain take you to the diving area. The volunteers are here to help you to dive.

Day 2 - Activity 3 - Bike ride

From Lancieux, volunteers are waiting for you with different bikes.

Activity 3 (part 1) :

They will guide you on the paths of the Côtes d'Armor countryside.

You will be able to observe the local fauna of breeding mainly. You will be able to enjoy the fresh Breton air, and the beautiful landscapes.

Example of beautiful view

Day 3 - Activity 3 bis - Bike ride

At the beginning of the farm, you will take your bikes, to go in direction of La pointe de la Garde.

Activity 3 (part 2) :

They will guide you on the paths of the Côtes d'Armor countryside.

You will be able to observe the local fauna of breeding mainly. You will be able to enjoy the fresh Breton air, and the beautiful landscapes.

Example of beautiful view

Day 4 - Activity 6 - Foot fishing

Activity 6 :

The volunteers will be waiting for you at the Pointe de Crissouët. The volunteers who will accompany you during your journey will drive you there on tandem bikes.

After a briefing on the protection of the coastline, and the species that can be recovered or not, we will give you everything you need to fish your first cockle.

Two fishermen in search of a razor shell

Day 3 - Activity 5 - The peatland

Peatlands are fragile ecosystems. Water is in abundance, which allows the organic matter to remain and not decompose. In this way, they are seen as carbon sinks. Necessary when we know that we produce too much CO2.

Activity 5 :

During your bike ride, you will make a stop near a peatland restoration site.

Volunteers will explain in more detail how they are set up, and how to preserve them.

Day 4 - Activity 8 - Marine biodiversity.

Activity 8 :

Along the sailing experience you will be able to encounter many species.

- Stern pierregarin: you may be able to see them during fishing time, be sur you'll be impress by their diving skills

- Puffin des baléares: will you have the acuity required to succeed in observing them?

- Fulmar boreal : be careful and don't mistake them with seagulls, they kinda look alike

- Dolphins: they are real players and they easily came to play around boat