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1. Final Task

Deliver the opening speech for a new exhibition about exoticism in the 19th century Britain.

You are the curator for a new exhibition showing Great Britain's fascination and many connections with exoticism in the 19th century. Give a three-minute speech to open the exhibition.

1. Select works of art or artists related to exoticism in Great Britain in the 19th century.

2. Take notes about these works of art or artists and how they are relevant for the exhibition. Make connections between your examples.

3. Methodology : click here

2. Thématique/Axe

Thématique : Voyages, Territoires, Frontières

Axe : Exploration et Aventure

3. Question at stake

What does exoticism say about colonial Britain?

4. Quizlet

5. Other documents

1. An everlasting Faschination

Document 2: The Jewel of the Crown

"Document 1: Egyptomania

Watch the video and answer the questions:

a) Pick out the different Egyptian traces that can be found in the city.

b) Say whether "Egyptomania" still exists in Great Britain today and why.

Youtube link : click here

Video : click here

Objectif bac : Comment analyser un document pour la synthèse + méthodologie si demande de compte-rendu au lieu de la traduction (cela ne sera que sur un petit passage)

Read the text and answer these questions in English (not the ones on the pdf) : click here

2. From Fantasy to real travel

Dreams of the exotic

1. Look at the painting and analyse its composition : central figure, lines, colours.

2. In art history, orientalism refers to the depiction of a fantasised Eastern world by Western artists in the 19th century. Why is this work of art said to be an "orientalist" painting.

Franck DICKSEE, Leila, 1892.


Read the text and do the activities on this page.

3. a

powerful empire

Objectif bac : synthèse guidée

- l.17/20 : what devices Disreali uses here and for what purpose
- what "those distant sympathies were and meant to England?
- "command the respect of the world": what these words reveal about the British state of mind at the time.

- what ar the 4 images used by the writer to describe himself and other imperialists
- show the link between the symbolic value of the elephant and George Orwell's story
- pay attention to the modals, their substitutes and what they express

Synthèse "guidée" en groupes de 4 - 4h - Rendre une copie par groupe

Write a short commentary on the three documents (minimum 500 words): taking into account their specificities, analyse how the documents deal with the British Empire and imperialism.

The instructions/questions next to the documents are there to help you analyse them.

Aide à la rédaction : click here

Méthodologie : click here

Grille d'évaluation : click here