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How addicted to the internet are you ?

1) How long are you connected to social network per day ?

Less than 2 hours.

About 3 hours

More than 4 hours

2) What's your reaction if the internet is down ?

It's not a big deal, I can live without it.

I am a little bit disapointed.

I'm gonna die, I can't live without, internet is my life.

3) What is the last thing you usually

do before sleeping ?

I read a book.

I watch a film or series.

I play videogames.

4) What do you like to do when you walk around ?

I love going outside with my friends, I join them every day.

I sometimes go outside with my family.

I hardly never go outside with my friends, because a prefer staying in my room.

I enjoy the landscape.

I listen to music on Spotify.

I chat with my friends and my followers.

5) How often do you go outside with your friends or with your family?

key :

You have a majority of


You very rarely use the Internet and prefer spending some times with your friends or your family. However, the Internet is part of our life so you should not neglect it.

You have a majority of


You like to use the Internet, but you know how to limit it. You should continue in this way, but be careful not to fall in excess.

You have a majortity of


You are definitively addicted to the internet. You spend most of your days on it. You should disconnect and enjoy the real Life.