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straight hair

a beauty standard that exists since years

What is the process ?

How to have straight hair ?

What is the process ?

hair relaxer

Using hair straightener

Brazilian straightening

how to use hair relaxer ?

  • apply the cream on your hair and spread it from the roots to the ends with a brush.
  • let your hair rest for 15-20 minutes.
  • wash it to take off ALL the cream of your hair

use gloves because its dangerous for the skin

how to use hair straightener ?

  • untangle your hair and divide it in sections
  • wait until the hair straightener is hot enough then straight your hair strand by strand

-> can be done at home or in a hair salon

how to do brazilian straightening

this method can be done at home but for better results it's recommanded to do it in a hair salon

  • the hairdresser will wash your hair with purifying shampoo
  • once your hair is completely dry, the hairdresser will apply a keratine product on each strand of hair
  • next, your hair will be dried with a druing helmet (or a hair dryer)
  • finally, the hairdresser will straight your hair with a hair straightener stand by strand

Where does it come from ?

Where does it come from ?

Straightening comes from the Ancient Egypt. During Ancient Egypt, they used iron plates to straighten the hair.
But this method was not effective and it burned the hair.

When did it appear in western society ?

When did it appear in western society ?

Hair straightening became popular in western society during 1950's among black people, males and females.

Madam C.J. Walker popularized the hot comb among African American people and this invention is now a global huge commercial success around the world.

It is about health or looking healthy ?

It is about health or looking healthy ?

No, its not. Having straight hair is a beauty standard and has nothing to do with health.

In western society, having straight hair is a norm.

For example: the british swimmer Alice Dearing was not allowed to swim during the 2020 Olympics because of her Afro hair, deemed inappropriate by the federation.

What can be harmul to our health about this ?

What can be harmul to our health about this ?

It can be harmful to our health because:

  • chemical straightening contains carcinogens
  • it increases the chances of getting diabetes (especially for women)
  • people who use straighteners often are more likely to be overweight or obese.

How does it affect our self-image ?


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