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Nos encontramos en el Centro de Actividades Educativas de Valdemoro en

Avda. Hispanoamérica, 3 28341 Valdemoro

Telf: 918955640



Dónde estamos


Quiénes somos

Somos un equipo docente de 11 personas en el curso escolar 2021-2022 con una gran motivación y en continua formación.
Nos apasiona lo que hacemos.
Además, nuestro equipo no docente hace lo posible para que todo marche viento en popa.




¿Por qué estudiar alemán?

es la lengua más hablada en Europa y una de las 10 más habladas en el mundo.

o garantiza una promoción profesional porque el mercado de trabajo lo demanda.

o es la lengua comercial por excelencia.

o no es más difícil que idiomas como el inglés o el francés.

y además, porque ...

¿Por qué estudiar francés?

200 millones de personas en el mundo hablan francés.

o las tres sedes de las instituciones europeas están en ciudades francófonas.

o es la segunda lengua de las relaciones internacionales.

o tiene una gran sonoridad y te abre las puertas a una cultura incomparable.

y además, porque ...

¿Por qué estudiar inglés?

es la tercera lengua más hablada del mundo.

o hablar más de un idioma mejora nuestras habilidades cognitivas.

o es la lengua franca del mundo tecnológico y científico.

o hablar bien inglés amplía las posibilidades de encontrar trabajo.


  • Niveles desde A1 hasta C2.
  • Horarios de mañana y de tarde, 2 días a la semana, 2,5h cada día generalmente.
  • Cursos presenciales
  • Cursos semipresenciales
  • Tecnología y metodología moderna que favorecen el aprendizaje dinámico y comunicativo.
  • Certificación oficial y exámenes por libre.




  • 9 aulas con lo último en equipamiento audiovidual.
  • Chilautrum para trabajos en grupo y charlas.
  • Aula multiusos.
  • Salón de actos.
  • Edificio sin barreras arquitectónicas y con ascensor.


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Día de De las Lenguas


Acción de Gracias

Fiesta de Navidad

San Valentín

8M Día Internacional de la Mujer

Y mucho más ...

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Concurso de Felicitación navideña

Concurso de jeroglíficos

Concurso de caligramas

Concurso de piropos


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Y mucho más ....

November 25 School Auditorium 19:00-20:00
Curious British Sports and Other Competitions
Erin McHugh Brighton, England
Oxford Cultural Talks Oxford University Press
From worm charming to wife-carrying, discover the weird and wonderful
competitions of Britain. In addition to these curious competitions, students will learn
about traditional British sporting events including cricket, horse racing at Ascot and the
Boat Race between the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford.
December 2 Chilautrum 19:00-20:00
New Zealand
Geoff Stagg Wellington, New Zealand
Public Affairs Adviser at the Embassy of New Zealand
Geoff Stagg, from the Embassy of New Zealand, will come to talk to us about that
wonderful country. We will learn about new Zealand ́s natural beauty as well as its Kiwi
lifestyle and unique Maori culture. It is a relaxing place with a very good quality of life
and great for those who want to get close to nature. Its fantastic natural spots are a
major attraction for those who love outdoor pursuits. City life is also attractive because
of its “livable” cities like Wellington or Auckland.
December 16 Chilautrum 19:00-20:00
An Ace up Your Sleeve
Carlos de Dompablo Madrid
Social Educator and Street Magician
Carlos de Dompablo mixes close up magic and social education. He will talk about
the project he is developing to discover the skills that each person has inside
themselves and how to train them. Are you ready to find out about your own ace up
your sleeve?
January 20 Chilautrum 19:00-20:00
The Rise of Motown Records: How Berry Gordy Jr. Transformed Society
Danesha Garner - Collinsville, Illinois.
Language Assistant at IES Neil Armstrong
Motown Records is an American record label that was founded by Berry Gordy Jr. in
Detroit, Michigan on April 14, 1960. Its name is derived from motor and town, Detroit’s
nickname as it was the home of the automobile industry. Motown played an important
role in racial integration in the United States with its artists receiving crossover success
on radio stations across the country. Motown is known for launching the careers of
artists such as The Temptations, The Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Aretha
Franklin, Smokey Robinson, The Supremes, Gladys Knight and many more. Motown
Records has been operating for 6 decades and counting. There is no denying the
impact it has had on American society. In 2018, Motown was inducted into the Rhythm
& Blues Hall of Fame.
January 27 Chilautrum 19:00-20:00
Memories of the Holocaust in Modern Day Europe
Tom Taylor - Liverpool

The Holocaust is the pinnacle of human evilness, the culmination of our lowest point

as a species. Eleven million innocent people were systematically murdered, all less

than 80 years ago an event in living memory.

This presentation will take you through my own personal journey through the nadir

of mankind. Having studied the Holocaust for many years, including both a degree and

a Master’s specialising in the subject, it is a journey that has involved many diverging


I will talk about just some of the key points, those that I think are both most

important and interesting. Firstly, a question I am constantly asked, why study the

Holocaust? What motivates me, or anyone else, to study something so fundamentally


Following from that I will look at different aspects of how the event is remembered.

The humanisation of those involved is immensely important and I will try to emphasize

the very human nature of the event. After that the focus will turn to how it is

remembered in different ways and by different societies. This will firstly involve looking

at different ways communities Germany, France, etc. - and the different ways they

recall the same event. And after this we will look at some of the more important (or

famous) figures such as Anne Frank and Oskar Schindler and the significance of

their legacies.

This will not be a history lesson, and indeed most of what is studied will refer to

modern day society rather than the past.

February 3 Chilautrum 19:00-20:00

The Roaring Twenties through ‘The Great Gatsby’

Sara Lázaro Lucena - Madrid

One hundred years ago, the United States was a country full of economic prosperity,

jazz music, luxury, innovation, gangsters, creative writing, never-ending parties and

immigration. It was also a time in which many people started to reflect on how wealth,

power and individualism were slowly changing the social and human values of the

contemporary societies. In this Small Talk session we will explore the so-called

‘Roaring Twenties’ by examining one of the most representative and insightful novels

written during this fascinating historical period: ‘The Great Gatsby’ by Scott Fitzgerald.

February 10 Chilautrum 19:00-20:00

The Facts about Fast Fashion

Marlee Christian Columbus, Ohio

Language Assistant at IES Neil Armstrong

Do you know where your clothes come from? We all love to shop, but recently more

information has been coming to light about the problems with how our clothes are

made and what it’s doing to the environment. This talk will be about the history, current

issues, and future of the fashion industry.

February 17 Chilautrum 19:00-20:00

The Human Superorganism

Sari Arponen, MSc, MD, PhD Ruokolahti, Finlandia

Every single human being has a complex, often forgotten, organ: the microbiota.

The microbiota consists of a community of microorganisms: bacteria, viruses, protozoa,

fungi, archaea, and even some tiny little animals. They are all over our body: skin,

mouth, gut, genitourinary tract. They benefit from their human host - and we need them

and their numerous functions. Humans are for the most part microbial: we contain more

microorganisms than human cells. While humans only have about 23000 mammalian

genes, we carry millions of microbial genes. The study of the microbiota is the last

frontier in Medicine and everyone needs to know how to take care of our microbial part.

February 24 Chilautrum 19:00-20:00

Genes and Genealogies: Reflections on our Biological and Social Inheritance

Susanna Manrubia - Madrid

CSIC - Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas

Are you proud of your last name? Glad to have renowned ancestors? Have you

considered whether social traits echo biological inheritance? A scientific examination of

this last question reveals surprising answers. You can be almost certain that if a

neighbor claims to be a descendant of Charlemagne, you are too. But warn her: most

likely, there is no trace of his genes left in either of your genomes!

March 16 Chilautrum 19:00-20:00

A Quick Trip to Romania: a Surprising Land

Lucy Popa- Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Most people are familiar with this country, but how many of you actually know

anything about it? Interesting facts regarding the dark side of Romania will be revealed.

And a country brimming with natural, architectural and artistic treasures is ready to be

discovered. Are you willing to take this ride?

March 23 Chilautrum 19:00-20:00

Dallas, Texas

Alejandra Alba Morales- Chihuahua, Mexico

The beautiful cosmopolitan city of Dallas Fort Worth is more than cattle ranches and

western movies, it is a modern city with interesting history and contemporary skylines.

From the Fort Worth Stockyards to the cosmopolitan Dallas’ Arts district, we’ll talk

about some of the top attractions and places to visit in Dallas Fort Worth. From a

personal perspective, I’ll give you a brief insight of places to visit after having lived

there for about twelve years, as well as my experience of what life was like as a Texan.

March 30 Chilautrum 19:00-20:00

The American Family

Natalie Kilic- Atlanta, Georgia

Language Assistant at IES Neil Armstrong

What is your idea of the typical American family experience? A mother and father,

two kids, a dog, and a white picket fence? The answer may be a bit different than you

think. American households have never been more diverse, shocking, or puzzling. In

this chat, we will dive into people’s ideas and preconceptions about the American

family and school system, as well as compare and contrast to different cultures.

Small talk:

Light conversation for social occasions; chitchat.

E.g., We engaged in some small talk.

Who can participate in our Small Talk Sessions? Members of Amigos de la EOI de Valdemoro, EOI

students and anybody from our school community who might be interested.

How can you participate in one, some or all of our Small Talk Sessions? By sending an email in advance

and letting us know that you will come to the session. Once you send us your email, we will let you know if

there is room for you for that talk. Please, if you sign up for one session, make sure you can come.

Students who come to ten sessions will receive a diploma.

All sessions will be free of charge.

All sessions will take place at the EOI Valdemoro. We will announce the classroom in advance.