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Linda brown

...or the end of racial segregation at school


1. Biography

4. The end of segregation (at school)

2. Racial segregation

3. Struggle with the NAACP

5. The fight continues...

Linda's school

- Very long and tiring trips every day

- Impossibility to enroll in a closer school which is for White people

Racial segregation at school

Schools for Black people

Schools in Southern States (as Kansas) were allowed to segregate Black and White students in cities of more than 15,000 inhabitants...

Schools for White people


- Linda's father, American activist

- Struggled with the NAACP for the end of racial segregation at school

Oliver Brown

"[It's] the most important decision of the Suprem Court of the 20th Century."

"[well done to] those heroic young people who, along with her family, courageously fought to end the ultimate symbol of white supremacy - racial segregation in public schools."

May 17th, 1954

An emblematic victory "Brown v. Board of Education"

Sheryllin Ifill

Linda became a teacher and also gave piano lessons

In 1988 she created the "Brown Foundation" with her sister.

She died in 2018...

After the victory...

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